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What is an LED Counter and how is it used?

What is an LED Timer and how is it used?

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American LED-gible Inc. Manual Archive
Here are some of our manuals. If the manual for your display is not located here, e-mail us,
and we may be able to e-mail it to you. 

Numeric Serial RS232/485 Slave

TL-2421-xxx / TL-2441-xxx / TL-2481-xxx Red Trimline Series PB-2149-320C
TC-2421-xxx / TC-2441-xxx / TC-2481-xxx 3 COLOR Trimline Color Series PB-2149-451B


AF-2625-314 / AF-2645-314 Count or Time Operation Jumper Selectable PB-2149-363B
TL-2425-xxx / TL-2445-xxx / TL-2485-xxx Trimline Series, Count Operation Only, Memory backup PB-2149-321B
Day Counter (24 Hour Counter/Loss time/Days Since)
TL-2445-903 4" 4 digit automatic counter, selector switch programming PB-2149-515A
AF-2625-314 / AF-2645-214 Count or Time Operation Jumper Selectable PB-2149-363B
TL-2431-xxx / TL-2451-xxx / TL-2491-xxx Trimline Series, Time Operation Only, Memory backup PB-2149-322
Event/Cycle Timers    
TL-2431-900 2.3" HH:MM:SS eventy timer with red/yellow/green indicator panel PB-2149-423A
AF-2450-905 Controller for TL-2441-9xx / TL-2481-9xx 4.0" / 8.0" Cycle timer with audible horn output, programmable PB-2149-399B
Numeric PPT - Production Pace Timers
PPT Monitoring Program ISO Image File (ZIP format) PD-2116-051 V3.0
PPT Monitoring Program Manual for PPT Monitoring Program PD-2116-051 V3.0 PB-2149-582C
AF-2720-101 *Most Popular Model! PPT, 4 digit goal vs actual w/built in keypad PB-2149-478
AF-2723-116 PPT, 6 digit goal, actual, dev. (or effic.) w/built in keypad PB-2149-416D
Numeric/PPT Controller Manuals for common models (except AF-2720-101)
PPT Non-automatic Logic Manual Hold & Resets, matrix keypad PB-2149-416D
PPT Automatic Logic / Controller Auto Hold & Resets, LCD controller PB-2149-441G
Alphanumeric Message Displays
AF-2800-1xx / EL-2800-3xx / EL-2800-2xx / EL-2800-4xx RS232/422/485 Interface- Units using AB-2476-020 Processor PB-2149-335B
EL-2800-9xx ABEtherNetIP Interface ABEtherNetIP Interface (Allen Bradley EthernetIP) PB-2149-418
Ethernet TCP/IP Bridge Adder Kit-PC Applications
Kit can be purchased separately or with product and pre-installed PB-2149-510A
Obsolete/Older Alphanumeric Series
2800 Series Using Internal AB-2476-010 Processor PB-2149-285A
For all models not listed above, please contact us with your serial number for your custom manual to be emailed.

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