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American LED-gible Incorporated evolved from Morrison Electronics Corporation, a production control instrumentation consulting firm, in 1976, to a manufacturer of large format, user programmable L.E.D. displays in 1981. Consumer demand aided this progression with the need for better production and safety control. American LED-gible offers a wide variety of numeric L.E.D. displays for alarm annunciation, maintenance, information dissemination, safety programs, fault messages, statistical analysis and more. These displays help minimize bottle necking and downtime, as well as, increase output and efficiency by the instantaneous communication of needed information to plant personnel. American LED-gible manufactures and distributes thousands of LED display and andon indicator products every year. Both standard models for fast turnaround and custom build to order for just about any application needed. Our electronic displays offer long lasting means to display vital plant data at a glance.


Along with the diverse industrial product market, American LED-gible has made over 8,000 custom products to suit each customers individual needs. Alongside the customized production lines, American LED-gible also provides a multitude of standard models with extremely versatile qualities in order to outfit those that have less stringent production line criteria such as basic timers, counters, and status indicators. The most popular of these product lines are the LD-5200 series LED Towerlights, AF-2600 Series Timers and Counters, AF-2700 Series Production Pace Timers, and the TL-2800 Series alphanumeric message displays. American LED-gible values quality and workmanship in all its production lines. In order to facilitate the production of quality products, continuous improvement is always in mind, quality parts are always used, and strong employee work ethics is highly praised. The most common categories are:

  • Timers
  • Counters
  • Serial Displays
  • PPT Pacers
  • Message Boards
  • Beacons/Lights
  • Custom Andons


Due to American LED-gible’s diversified capabilities, it has produced quality products for correspondingly diversified markets. As a global provider, American LED-gible produces products for a variety of sectors including:

  • Light Industrial
  • Heavy Industrial
  • Entertainment Facilities
  • Automotive Plants
  • Material Refinement
  • Packaging
  • Fabrication
  • Services
  • Chemical Plants
  • among many others


President CEO
Charles Morrison Senior

Senior Management of Sales (Sales Department)
Candy Chlam

Senior Engineer (Engineering Department)
Matthew Linehan

Senior Production Management (Production Department)
Charles Morrison Junior

Website: www.ledgible.com
Email: sales@ledandon.com
Phone: (614) 851-1100
Fax: (614) 851-1121
Mail: American LED-gible, Inc.
1776 Lone Eagle Street
Columbus, OH 43228 USA

Business Hours:
We are open Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM. (Eastern Standard Time)

USA & Canadian Sales – Direct via above methods or through your local distributor. We deal with many of the National distribution channels. If you can not purchase direct, please contact Sales with your location and they will assist in finding a local distributor.