Andon Lights

Signal indicator lights are a low cost means of alerting personnel of vital plant data and status at a glance. LED stack lights and andon systems are available for simple LED light application up to full assembled stations. These are used in lean manufacturing environments for real-time visual factory.


Industrial LED Electronic Counters, also known as, piece counters, box counters, digital counters, totalizers, led counters, electronic counters, accumulators, production counters, industrial counters and more. Industrial counters offer real-time information to assembly personnel and plant managers.


Industrial LED Timers, also known as, digit timers, downtime timers, setup timers, cycle / takt timers, maintenance timers, electronic timers, production timers and more. LED timers are a valuable asset for facilities that are looking to improve performance and decrease downtime.


Transmit any real time data desired using simple ascii output from any smart device using RS232/485. These indoor industrial grade LED (light emitting diode) displays offer long distance viewing and long lifespan to display critical data such as: length, count, measurement, temperature, cuts, diameter and more.

PPT Pacers

Our Industrial "Shot Clocks" are a low cost method to provide instant increase in production output by informing operators of desired goal in realtime. Goal field can be programmed to auto increment by any programmed pace and offer ability to program scaling factors.

Manufacturer of indoor LED display products, digital boards and led signs. Electronic displays are effective tools for increasing workplace productivity & decreasing costly waste. Ideal for those looking to improve workflow while minimizing cost.

Our LED display products are typically used for identifying problem areas and increasing awareness for preventative and reactive maintenance. LED electronic displays are an essential tool to increase output and quality, decrease downtime, bottlenecking and waste. American LED-gible LED products aid in vital communication of data to ensure your production line is operating at optimum efficiency.

Whether you are looking for simple tower lights for visual alarm controls or counters for batch, piece, shift, linear foot or daily counts our products are suitable for a wide variety of environments. Our LED display products are manufactured here at our facility in the USA.