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What is an LED Counter and how is it used?

What is an LED Timer and how is it used?

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Numeric Production Pace Timer Information Request

We will use this information to help find the appropriate model(s) which fit your application.

Required Contact Information

  Your information is kept confidential.  We do not share your information with any other parties, and do not add you to any contact lists.  We use this information to contact you about this request.

Suggested Contact Information

Company Name    
Phone Number    
Fax Number    
Digit Height 2.3" (100' Viewing)
4"    (200' Viewing)
  We suggest at least 1" digit height per 50' of viewing distance.
# of Sides Single Sided 
Double Sided
  Some units are available with display windows in front and rear so they can be mounted in the center of an isle.
# of Fields 2-Field Goal / Actual
3-Field Goal / Actual / Deviation
Other (Specify in Notes)
  PPT models are available in a wide variety.  Almost any accessible numeric data can be shown on our PPT units.  Please specify in the notes field what data you need to show.
NEMA-1 Dust Resistant
NEMA-12 Industrial Enclosure
Other (Specify in Notes)
  Our NEMA-1 models are suitable for most warehouse and light assembly locations.  Our NEMA-12 models are sealed more tightly against the elements for dirtier environments. Nema-4 and Stainless Steel also available.
# of Digits 4 Digits per field
6 Digits per field
Notes:  Please specify details about the information you would like to display
  Please feel free to provide additional information if you think it would be helpful to find the appropriate products to fit your application.
How did you find our web site?  *OPTIONAL--Please let us know*
Through a Web Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Lycos, Excite, etc.)
          If so, which one? 
From a piece of American LED-gible Literature or Repeat Customer
From a magazine Advertisement
          If so, which magazine? 
From Thomas Register
          If other, please let us know: 

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