LED Signal Indicators

LED Tower lights


LED Stacklights

Cut sheet

The utilization of LED Tower Lights is extremely effective when visual signaling is necessary and price is an issue. Anything from one to five colored sections are available as well as with audible signaling and flashing capabilities.

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Tri-Color LED Beacons


LD-2648-7XX Series
LED Light Beacons


When space is an issue yet indicators are essential, the LED Light Signal Beacons are a preferred method of conveying messages. These Beacons are typically provided with multi-color uses such as Red/Yellow/Green activation.

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Auto Escalation Timer Light


Auto Escalation Timer


This Auto Escalation Call Light offers customer the ability to easily identify and prioritize machines needing attention the most.  Locate areas that have been down the longest based on color and flash pattern activated.  Simple LED stack light requires single output from machine.  Anytime machine is down, activate output to light and the light will do the rest.

LED Tower Light Stations


ST-52XX-XXX Series
LED Light Stations


Provided fully pre-wired with power cord, these Switch Stations are easily integrated into most production environments where signaling is needed and 'Plug and Play' is desired. Just mount the Stations, plug them in, and enjoy the signaling capabilities.

Signal indicator lights are a low cost means of alerting personnel of vital plant data and status at a glance. LED Indicators are great tools for OEMs looking for a low cost alternative from incandescent that require routine maintenance. LED signal lamps provide long life and far distance viewing.

Stack-lights, tower lights and signal beacons are an economical and effective tool for any facility. Commonly used for material, line stoppage indication, quality, supervisor, line leader or team leader requests, plc output control, predictive and preventative maintenance, as well as reactive maintenance.

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